Salary and Benefits - South Korea

Eligibility Criterion and Remuneration
Teachers will be recruited in accordance to the following criterion under GEPIK (Gyeonggi province English Program in Korea) and EPIK (English Program in Korea):

Requirements are currently in both the metropolitan cities and the provinces. Teachers placed in rural or remote areas are entitled to an additional rural allowance of 200,000 won ($201) apart from the standard provincial allowance. The amount of provincial pay will differ according to special rural allowance and multiple school teaching allowance.

EPIK eligibility criterion and salary
Salaries vary from US$ 1500-2600 depending on educational qualifications and teaching experience.

Under normal circumstances, below are the salaries that are applicable:

  • Teacher with Degree + TESOL -  US$1500-1600

  • Teacher with Degree + TESOL + 1 yr experience    US $ 1800-1900

  • Teacher with Degree + TESOL + 2 yr experience    US $ 2000

  • Teacher with Masters Degree + TESOL + 1/2 yr experience    US $ 2600

Please note the remuneration varies from city to towns. A confirmation of the salary package will be given after your interview with the school.

Level 1+ and Level 2+ positions are only for English teachers who are currently teaching English in Korea within the same Provincial Office of Education. Other positions are open to English teachers from outside South Korea

Download the Pay Scale for English Teachers in KoreaPay Scale EPIK
Pay Scale GEPIK
Pay Scale SMOE


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